Why littering is so bad

What is litter and what does litter mean to us? Litter is a little or a lot of rubbish that people throw on the ground without thinking where it will go. So much of our food is wrapped in paper or plastic and when it’s left around it doesn’t look nice or be good for our environment.

Litter and plastic ends up in the sea and animals can eat it and die. We saw a picture of a seagull with plastic inside it. This is very sad. If I controlled everyone on earth I’d make them collect rubbish every day. Did you know that fish eat microplastics (tiny pieces) because overtime plastic breaks down into the size of plankton or krill and they think it is food. Many sea animals like seals and whales eat this!! This cannot be good for them or us. Stop littering!

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is 1.6 mill square kilometers of plastic. If GOD gave me one wish – I’d wish for every piece of plastic to be gone. I think God gave us our world, so actually we should clean it up so all the animals, plants and people can live safely.


Our Sailing Day

Last Thursday Rm 7 & Rm 6 walked for 12 minutes to go sailing. It was long but it was worth it. The Rm 7’s went sailing first & Rm 6 was on land. It was fun but IT WAS SOON TIME FOR THE REAL FUN!  We went in the boat and splashed in the water. I was confused because the water was warm and then I realised it was the sun making it warm.

We played a game. It was fun because  it was about ducks. We had to catch rubber ducks. Franceska and I saved  rubber ducks by turning around and catching them.

After that we went for a swim. I was scared at first but then it was fun.

It was kind of funny because I swallowed some salt water. When we were catching rubber ducks I almost hit my head on the boom! I  was TERRIFIED!

Once we got out of the water I was soaking wet and it was freezing. I wish we could go there every year.  We walked for longer to get back to school because it was up the hill. Everyone was tired except for Paula, Kava and Jaeden.


My Lenten Promise


Today we are in the middle of Lent and my promise is going well. You might be asking what is my promise –  it is to cheer people up when they are sad. I like to smile at people and show them that I like them. I have a big smile. It cheers people up.


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